What we do

The services provided by Summiitt Earthworks include:

Civil works including road maintenance, fire trail construction, bulk and detailed excavation.

Mechanical mulching including roadside, power line and forestry vegetation management.

Soil Conservation including erosion control, contour bank construction, dam construction, creek rehabilitation and construction of culvert crossings.

Direct attack firefighting using late model D6 and D5 Dozers with full forestry guarding and our own floats.

Off season fire management including new fire trail construction, fire trail management and rehabilitation of fire and storm-damaged areas.

Difficult access projects in steep/remote areas.

Wet hire of a large range of earthmoving equipment.

Our Approach

Summiitt Earthworks is committed to operating heavy machinery in environmentally sensitive areas with a minimal footprint.

Low risk: Summiitt Earthworks brings together the highest safety standards, the latest equipment along with up to date staff training to deliver jobs safely and on time.

Flexibility: Summiitt Earthworks is structured to offer back up operators and plant and equipment. This flexibility means we have the capacity to meet high load periods during fire season.

Fast response: Typically, during the fire season, dozers can be on the road within 1 hour. Our own float transport and daily check-list procedures make this happen. All machines are checked, fuelled and greased each evening so equipment is always ready for work – regardless of the time requirement.

Technology: Summiitt Earthworks has implemented in-house daily reporting system using cloud-based reporting and digital mapping technology. In-cab iPads provide a range of support including drop-pin accuracy locations on the ground with grid reference locations, distance logging via GPS and a vegetation density grading system.

Health and Safety: Summiitt Earthworks strongly adheres to daily pre-start checklists for plant and machinery. Site checklist cover weather forecasts, radio (TRN) coverage, signage for road closures and any other factors that may need reporting.